1. What is the difference between copper foil, copper strip, and copper plate?
Different thicknesses. Generally, the thickness ≤0.15mm is called copper foil. Roll material with thickness above 0.15mm is called copper strip, and sheet form is called copper plates.

2. Is there a minimum order quantity for an order?
Yes, MOQ with general size is 100 kgs . For special sizes that require customization, the minimum order quantity is determined based on the size.

3.If the customer cannot find the size or material they want on the product details page, is it not possible to produce it?
It can be produced, because we can customize according to customer needs. For special sizes and materials, we need to know the specific requirements of the customer and the chemical composition and physical properties of the materials for reference.

4.What is the delivery time after placing the order?
This depends on the material and quantity of the product, and needs to be estimated based on the customer's detailed information.

5.Can medical grade nickel titanium alloy products be produced?
Yes, this is our strength, and our technology is already mature.

6. Are there any samples for testing?
We need to know the specific requirements before checking the inventory. If there is stock available, we can provide sample.