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July / 04 / 2023

Nitinol, a shape memory alloy composed of nickel and titanium, possesses unique properties that make it highly suitable for various applications. One notable characteristic of Nitinol is its shape memory effect, which allows it to return to a predetermined shape when heated. In this article, we will explore the principles behind shaping Nitinol wire, drawing from personal experiences and supporting our claims with relevant references.

March / 19 / 2023

Admiralty brass is a type of brass alloy that has gained widespread use in various industries due to its excellent corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and strength. It is composed of copper, zinc, and sometimes small amounts of tin or lead. Admiralty brass is commonly used in marine environments due to its resistance to corrosion by seawater and other corrosive agents, making it ideal for shipbuilding and marine applications. In this article, we will discuss the composition and properties of admiralty brass, its uses, C44300 Admiralty Brass, and the difference between naval brass and admiralty brass.